plurihormonal adenoma

an endocrine-active adenoma that secretes two or more hormones, usually growth hormone and one or more of the glycoprotein types, so that its effects are similar to those of a combination of other adenomas such as the growth hormone–secreting adenoma and the glycoprotein hormone adenoma; it may be mixed-cell or a single cell type. Varieties include acidophil stem-cell a., mammosomatotroph a., and some types of alpha subunit a.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • acidophil stem-cell adenoma — a rapidly growing plurihormonal adenoma; usually a null cell adenoma, seen in young patients; its single cell type secretes both prolactin and growth hormone and is presumed to be a stem cell for both lactotrophs and somatotrophs …   Medical dictionary

  • mammosomatotroph adenoma — a plurihormonal adenoma composed of mammosomatotrophs, a single cell type secreting both growth hormone and prolactin; cf. mixed somatotroph lactotroph a …   Medical dictionary

  • mixed-cell adenoma — a pituitary adenoma containing more than one cell type, usually making it plurihormonal; see plurihormonal a …   Medical dictionary

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