ac·ro·hy·po·ther·my (ak″ro-hiґpo-thur″me) [acro- + hypothermy] abnormal coldness of the hands and feet.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • acro- — Combining form meaning: 1. Extremity, tip, end, peak, topmost. 2. Extreme. [G. akron, highest point, extremity; akros, topmost, outermost, inmost, extreme, tip] * * * prefix denoting 1. extremity; tip. Example: acrohypothermy (abnormal coldness… …   Medical dictionary

  • acro- — 1) combining form denoting extremity; tip. acrohypothermy abnormal coldness of the extremities (hands and feet ). 2) height; promontory. acrophobia morbid dread of heights 3) extreme; intense. acromania an extreme degree of mania …   The new mediacal dictionary

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