A family of double-stranded DNA viruses, commonly known as adenoviruses, that develop in the nuclei of infected cells in mammals and birds. The virion is 70 to 90 nm in diameter, naked, and ether-resistant; the capsids are icosahedral and composed of 252 capsomeres. The family includes two genera, Mastadenovirus and Aviadenovirus.

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Ad·e·no·vi·ri·dae .ad-ən-ō-'vir-ə-.dē n pl a family of double-stranded DNA viruses shaped like a 20-sided polyhedron, orig. identified in human adenoid tissue, causing infections (as pharyngoconjunctival fever) of the respiratory system, conjunctiva, and gastrointestinal tract, and including some capable of inducing malignant tumors in experimental animals

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Ad·e·no·vi·ri·dae (ad″ə-no-virґĭ-de) the adenoviruses: a family of DNA viruses having a nonenveloped icosahedral virion 80–110 nm in diameter with 252 capsomers. The genome consists of a single linear molecule of double-stranded DNA (MW 20–30 Ч 106, size 36–38 kbp). Viruses contain at least ten structural proteins and are ether-resistant and acid-stable; some are heat-sensitive. Replication occurs in the nucleus and structural proteins are synthesized in the cytoplasm; assembly occurs in the nucleus and virions are released by cell destruction. Host range is generally narrow and transmission may be direct or indirect. Genera include Mastadenovirus and Aviadenovirus.

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