Inflammation of a lymph node or of a gland. [aden- + G. -itis, inflammation]
- mesenteric a. an illness with abdominal pain and fever due to enlargement and inflammation of the mesenteric lymph node s; often mistaken for appendicitis. SYN: mesenteric lymphadenitis.

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ad·e·ni·tis .ad-ən-'īt-əs n inflammation of a gland esp LYMPHADENITIS

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inflammation of a gland or group of glands (or glandlike structures). For example, mesenteric adenitis affects the lymph nodes (formerly called lymph glands) in the membranous support of the intestines (the mesentery); cervical adenitis affects the lymph nodes in the neck.

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ad·e·ni·tis (ad″ə-niґtis) inflammation of a gland; see also lymphadenitis.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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