An autosomal dominant papular keratosis of the palms and soles, with disorganization of dermal elastic fibers; a similar, but acquired, condition may result from actinic damage of the hands. SEE ALSO: keratoelastoidosis. SYN: focal acrohyperkeratosis, type III punctate palmoplantar keratoderma. [acro + G. keras, horn, + elastos, beaten, + eidos, resemblance, + -osis, condition]

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ac·ro·ker·a·to·elas·toi·do·sis (ak″ro-ker″ə-to-e-las″toi-doґsis) [acro- + kerato- + elastoidosis] a rare skin disorder consisting of elastosis with small keratotic papules or plaques on the hands and feet; it is usually inherited in autosomal dominant fashion and becomes evident after puberty. Cf. focal acral hyperkeratosis.

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