Wirsung's duct

Wir·sung's duct 'vir-.su̇ŋz- n PANCREATIC DUCT (a) J. G. Wirsung see DUCT OF WIRSUNG

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  • duct of Wirsung — duct of Wir·sung vir (.)zu̇ŋ, zəŋ n PANCREATIC DUCT (a) Wirsung Johann Georg (1600 1643) German anatomist. A professor of anatomy at Padua, Italy, Wirsung discovered and drew an illustration of the excretory duct of the pancreas in 1642. The… …   Medical dictionary

  • Wirsung — may refer to:* Johann Georg Wirsung, a German anatomist * the pancreatic duct, also called duct of Wirsung …   Wikipedia

  • duct — A tubular structure giving exit to the secretion of a gland or organ, capable of conducting fluid. SEE ALSO: canal. SYN: ductus [TA]. [L. duco, pp. ductus, to lead] aberrant ducts SYN: aberrant ductules, under ductule …   Medical dictionary

  • duct of wirsung — ˈvir(ˌ)zu̇ŋ, rzəŋ Usage: usually capitalized W Etymology: after Johann G. Wirsung died 1643 German anatomist : the chief duct of the pancreas conducting its secretions to the duodenum compare duct of santorini …   Useful english dictionary

  • Wirsung duct — Wir·sung duct (vērґsoong) [Johann Georg Wirsung, German physician in Italy, 1600–1643] see ductus pancreaticus …   Medical dictionary

  • duct of santorini — ˌsantəˈrēnē, ˌsän Usage: usually capitalized S Etymology: after Giovanni D. Santorini died 1737? Italian anatomist : an accessory pancreatic duct branching from the duct of Wirsung and opening into the duodenum above the main duct …   Useful english dictionary

  • Wirsung — Johann G., German anatomist in Padua, 1589–1643. See W. canal, W. duct …   Medical dictionary

  • pancreatic duct — n a duct connecting the pancreas with the intestine: a) the chief duct of the pancreas that runs from left to right through the body of the gland, passes out its neck, and empties into the duodenum either through an opening shared with the common …   Medical dictionary

  • Pancreatic duct — of Wirsung redirects here. For the pancreatic duct of Santorini, also known as the accessory pancreatic duct, see Accessory pancreatic duct. Pancreatic duct The pancreatic duct …   Wikipedia

  • Johann Georg Wirsung — (July 3, 1589 1643) was a German anatomist who was a long time Prosector in Padua.He is remembered for the discovery of the pancreatic duct (also duct of Wirsung ) during the dissection of a man who had been recently hanged for murder. Instead of …   Wikipedia

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