Product of the addition of 2 mol of alcohol to one of an aldehyde, thus : RCHO + 2R′OH → RCH(OR′)2 + H2O; in mixed acetals ( e.g., glycosides), two different alcohols are bound to the original aldehyde group. SEE ALSO: hemiacetal, hemiketal, ketal.

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ac·e·tal 'as-ə-.tal n any of various compounds characterized by the group C(OR)2 and obtained esp. by heating aldehydes or ketones with alcohols

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ac·e·tal (asґə-təl) any of a class of organic compounds of the formula RCH(OR′)2, where R and R′ are organic radicals, formed by combination of an aldehyde molecule with two alcohol molecules. CH3CH(OC2H5)2, a colorless volatile liquid used as a solvent and in cosmetics.

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