swine erysipelas

swine erysipelas n a destructive contagious disease of various mammals and birds that is caused by a bacterium of the genus Erysipelothrix (E. rhusiopathiae), that may occur in an acute highly fatal septicemic form or take a chronic course marked by endocarditis, arthritis, or hives, and that is of esp. economic importance in swine and domesticated turkeys called also erysipelas

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a contagious disease of swine caused by Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae. It is of great economic importance around the world and occurs in four clinical forms: an acute septicemic form, marked by high fever, lesions of the internal organs and viscera, and a high mortality rate; an urticarial form (called also diamonds or diamond skin disease), the mildest form, rarely fatal, marked by sudden onset, high fever, general debility, red to purple blotches on the neck and body, and sometimes involvement of the viscera; a chronic form, sometimes fatal, marked by difficulty in breathing and vegetative endocarditis; and an arthritic form, not usually fatal, marked by stunting of growth; this form may occur alone or as a complication of other forms.

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