sur·ra 'su̇r-ə n a severe tropical or subtropical disease of domestic animals that is caused by a protozoan of the genus Trypanosoma (T. evansi), is transmitted by biting flies, and is marked esp. by fever, anemia, edema, emaciation, and petechiae

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sur·ra (soorґə) [Marathi sūra wheezing] a type of trypanosomiasis seen in domestic animals such as equines, camels, elephants, pigs, goats, and dogs, caused by Trypanosoma evansi, usually transmitted by tabanid flies. Common signs include fever, anemia, edema, progressive emaciation and weakness, and death. It occurs in East Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and Central and South America; in the latter regions it is usually seen in horses, is spread by vampire bats as well as flies, and is called murrina or derrengadera.

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