The part of the temporal bone of the skull that forms the prominence of the cheek. The zygoma is also known as the zygomatic bone or arch, the malar bone, the cheek bone and the yoke bone. The word "zygomatic" comes from the Greek "zygon" meaning a yoke or crossbar by which two draft animals such as oxen could be hitched to a plow or wagon.
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1. SYN: zygomatic bone. 2. SYN: zygomatic arch. [G. a bar, bolt, the os jugale, fr. zygon, yoke]

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zy·go·ma zī-'gō-mə n, pl -ma·ta -mət-ə also -mas

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zy·go·ma (zi-goґmə) [Gr. zygōma bolt or bar] 1. processus zygomaticus ossis temporalis. 2. arcus zygomaticus. 3. a term sometimes applied to the os zygomaticum.

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