pycnic, pycnodysostosis, pycnosis, pycnotic var of PYKNIC, PYKNODYSOSTOSIS, PYKNOSIS, PYKNOTIC

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  • pycnic — var. of PYKNIC. * * * variant of pyknic * * * pycnic same as ↑pyknic * * * pycnic var. pyknic …   Useful english dictionary

  • isopycnic — /uy seuh pik nik/, adj. 1. Also, isopycnal /uy seuh pik nl/. having the same density. n. 2. a line drawn on a map connecting all points having the same density, as of water or air. [1885 90; ISO + pycnic, var. of PYKNIC] * * * …   Universalium

  • pyknic — Denoting a constitutional body type characterized by well rounded external contours and ample body cavities; virtually synonymous with endomorphic. [G. pyknos, thick] * * * pyk·nic also pyc·nic pik nik adj characterized by shortness of stature,… …   Medical dictionary

  • πυκνικός — ή, ό, Ν φρ. «πυκνικός τύπος» ιατρ. σωματικός ιδιοσυστασιακός τύπος στη βιοτυπολογία τού Κρέτσμερ, ο οποίος χαρακτηρίζεται από μέτριο ανάστημα, πλατύ πρόσωπο, ογκώδη λαιμό και ισχυρό θώρακα και συχνά έχει κυκλοθυμική ιδιοσυγκρασία και φαίνεται ότι …   Dictionary of Greek

  • pyknic — adj. & n. (also pycnic) Anthropol. adj. characterized by a thick neck, large abdomen, and relatively short limbs. n. a person of this bodily type. Etymology: Gk puknos thick …   Useful english dictionary

  • pycn- — combining form or pycno Etymology: Latin, from Greek pykn , pykno , from pyknos; akin to Greek pyka thickly, Albanian puth kiss, Avestan pusā headband; basic meaning: pressed together : close : compact …   Useful english dictionary

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