precentral gyrus

precentral gyrus n the gyrus containing the motor area immediately anterior to the central sulcus

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  • precentral gyrus — noun the convolution of the frontal lobe that is bounded in back by the central sulcus and that contains the motor area • Hypernyms: ↑central gyrus • Part Holonyms: ↑frontal lobe, ↑frontal cortex …   Useful english dictionary

  • Gyrus précentral — Le gyrus précentral ou circonvolution frontale ascendante est un gyrus de la face latérale du lobe frontal du cortex cérébral, limité en avant par le sillon précentral et en arrière par le sillon central de Rolando. Cette circonvolution contient… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Gyrus — A gyrus (pl. gyri ) is a ridge on the cerebral cortex. It is generally surrounded by one or more sulci.Notable gyri* Fornicate gyrus * Superior frontal gyrus, lat . gyrus frontalis superior * Middle frontal gyrus, lat . gyrus frontalis medius *… …   Wikipedia

  • Precentral sulcus — The precentral sulcus lies parallel to, and in front of, the central sulcus. (A sulcus is one of the prominent grooves on the surface of the human brain.) The precentral sulcus divides the inferior, middle, and superior frontal gyri from the… …   Wikipedia

  • precentral — Referring to the cerebral convolution immediately anterior to the central sulcus : p. gyrus. * * * pre·cen·tral sen trəl adj situated in front of the central sulcus of the brain <the precentral motor cortex> * * * pre·cen·tral (pre… …   Medical dictionary

  • gyrus precentralis — [TA] precentral gyrus: the convolution of the frontal lobe lying between the precentral and central sulci; the primary motor area of the cerebral cortex for the face, upper extremity, trunk and hip. Called also anterior central g …   Medical dictionary

  • gyrus frontalis medius — [TA] middle frontal gyrus: a convolution of the frontal lobe between the superior and inferior frontal sulci, extending anteriorly from the precentral gyrus; a longitudinal sulcus may be present, dividing the gyrus into superior and inferior… …   Medical dictionary

  • gyrus frontalis superior — [TA] superior frontal gyrus: a convolution of the frontal lobe above the superior frontal sulcus, extending anteriorly from the precentral gyrus …   Medical dictionary

  • gyrus paracentralis anterior — [TA] anterior paracentral gyrus: the anterior portion of the paracentral lobule, medial to and continuous with the precentral gyrus; it is the primary somatomotor cortex for the lower extremities and genitalia …   Medical dictionary

  • precentral sulcus of cerebrum — sulcus precentralis cerebri [TA] a vertical sulcus on the convex surface of a cerebral hemisphere, separating the precentral gyrus from the remainder of the frontal lobe …   Medical dictionary

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