A small medicated lozenge designed to dissolve. For example, to soothe the throat as a cough drop. Strictly speaking, a troche should be circular since the word derives from the Greek "trokhiskos" meaning "a little wheel." Pronounced trOh-key. Sometimes mistakenly pronounced trOhsh or trOhshay under the misapprehension that it is a French word.
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A small, disk-shaped or rhombic body composed of solidifying paste containing an astringent, antiseptic, or demulcent drug, used for local treatment of the mouth or throat, the t. being held in the mouth until dissolved. The vehicle or base of the t. is usually sugar, made adhesive by admixture with acacia or tragacanth, fruit paste, made from black or red currants, confection of rose, or balsam of tolu. SYN: lozenge, morsulus, pastil (2), pastille, trochiscus. [L. trochiscus fr. G. trochiskos, a little wheel, fr. trochos, a wheel]

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tro·che 'trō-kē, Brit usu 'trōsh n LOZENGE

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a medicinal lozenge, taken by mouth, used to treat conditions of the mouth or throat and also of the alimentary canal.

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tro·che (troґke) [Gr. trochos a round cake or pill] lozenge (def. 1).

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