Trans- (prefix)

From the Latin meaning “across, over, or beyond.” Medical terms containing “trans- “ as a prefix include transcription, transfusion, transplant, transsexual, transurethral, transvaginal, transvestism, etc.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • trans- — prefix meaning across, beyond, to go beyond, from L. trans , from prep. trans across, over, beyond, probably originally prp. of a verb *trare , meaning to cross (see THROUGH (Cf. through)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • trans- — ► PREFIX 1) across; beyond: transcontinental. 2) on or to the other side of: transatlantic. 3) into another state or place: translate. ORIGIN from Latin trans across …   English terms dictionary

  • trans. — 1. transaction; transactions. 2. transfer. 3. transferred. 4. transformer. 5. transit. 6. transitive. 7. translated. 8. translation. 9. translator …   Useful english dictionary

  • Trans — is a Latin noun or prefix, meaning across , beyond or on the opposite side .Trans may refer to: Geography * Trans, Mayenne, France * Trans, Switzerland Science and technology * Trans lunar in astronomy means outside the Moon s orbit * Trans… …   Wikipedia

  • trans- — [trans, trα:ns, nz] prefix 1》 across; beyond: transcontinental.     ↘on or to the other side of: transatlantic. 2》 through: transonic.     ↘into another state or place: translate.     ↘transcending: transfinite. 3》 Chemistry …   English new terms dictionary

  • trans- — [trans, tranz] [L trans (contr. to tra before d , m , n , l , v , j ) < trans, across, over, orig., prob. prp. of * trare, to pass, seen in intrare, extrare < IE base * ter , to go, over, beyond > THROUGH] prefix 1. on the other side of …   English World dictionary

  • trans- — prefix Etymology: Latin trans , tra across, beyond, through, so as to change, from trans across, beyond more at through 1. on or to the other side of ; across ; beyond < transatlantic > 2. a. beyond (a specified chemical element) in the periodic… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • trans- — [træns, trænz] prefix [: Latin; Origin: trans across, beyond ] 1.) on or to the far side of something = ↑across ▪ transatlantic flights ▪ the trans Siberian railway 2.) between two things or groups = ↑inter ▪ trans racial fostering …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • Trans- — [L. trans across, over.] A prefix, signifying over, beyond, through and through, on the other side, as in transalpine, beyond the Alps; transform, to form through and through, that is, anew, transfigure. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • trans- — [ træns ] prefix 1. ) across: used with some adjectives relating to place names to make adjectives meaning from one side of that place to the other: a trans European cycle race 2. ) changing: used for making nouns, adjectives, or verbs: translate …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

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