hemolytic anemia

hemolytic anemia n anemia caused by excessive destruction (as in chemical poisoning, infection, or sickle-cell anemia) of red blood cells

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any of a group of acute or chronic anemias characterized by excessive hemolysis (shortened survival of mature erythrocytes) and inability of bone marrow to compensate with new erythrocytes. There are two major groups: the inherited anemias are generally due to intrinsic cell defects such as in the erythrocyte membrane, glycolytic pathway, glutathione metabolism, or hemoglobin molecule; these include congenital hemolytic and congenital nonspherocytic hemolytic a. The acquired anemias are due to the actions of extrinsic agents such as infectious agents, poisons, physical trauma, or antibodies; these include autoimmune, immune, infectious, and toxic hemolytic a.

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