Adult diphtheria and tetanus toxoids. See Td immunization.
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tabes dorsalis; tardive dyskinesia; T-cell dependent [antigen]; temporal embedding dimension; temporary disability; terminal device; tetanus and diphtheria [toxoid]; tetrodotoxin; thanatophoric dwarfism; thanatophoric dysplasia; therapy discontinued; thermal dilution; thoracic duct; three times per day; threshold of detectability; threshold of discomfort; threshold dose; thymus-dependent; time delay; time dictionary; timed disintegration; tocopherol deficiency; to deliver; tone decay; torsion dystonia; total disability; total discrimination; totally disabled; total dose; Tourette disorder; toxic dose; topicspecific document; tracheal diameter; transdermal; transverse diameter; traveler's diarrhea; treatment discontinued; tumor dose; typhoid dysentery

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TD abbr tardive dyskinesia

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tetanus and diphtheria toxoids.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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