erythroblastosis neonatorum

erythroblastosis ne·o·na·to·rum -.nē-ə-nə-'tōr-əm n ERYTHROBLASTOSIS FETALIS

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  • erythroblastosis neonatorum — noun A medical condition where an rh negative mothers antibodies attack the red blood cells of an rh positive baby. See Also: erythroblastosis, erythroblastosis fetalis, hemolytic disease …   Wiktionary

  • erythroblastosis neonatorum — ˌnēənəˈtōrəm noun Etymology: New Latin : erythroblastosis of the newborn infant …   Useful english dictionary


  • erythroblastosis fetalis — erythroblastosis fe·ta·lis fi tal əs n a hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn that is characterized by an increase in circulating erythroblasts and by jaundice and that occurs when the system of an Rh negative mother produces antibodies to… …   Medical dictionary

  • erythroblastosis — erythroblastotic /i rith roh bla stot ik/, adj. /i rith roh bla stoh sis/, n. Pathol. 1. the presence of erythroblasts in the blood. 2. Also called erythroblastosis fetalis /fi tal is/, erythroblastosis neonatorum /nee euh neuh tawr euhm, tohr / …   Universalium

  • erythroblastosis fetalis — noun A medical condition where an rh negative mothers antibodies attack the red blood cells of an rh positive fetus. See Also: erythroblastosis, erythroblastosis neonatorum, hemolytic disease …   Wiktionary

  • erythroblastosis — The presence of erythroblasts in considerable number in the blood. [erythroblast + osis, condition] fetal e. SYN: e. fetalis. e. fetalis a grave hemolytic anemia that, in most instances, results from development in an Rh negative mot …   Medical dictionary

  • Morbus haemolyticus neonatorum — Klassifikation nach ICD 10 P55 Hämolytische Krankheit bei Feten und Neugeborenen …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • icterus gravis neonatorum — icterus gravis neo·na·tor·um .nē ō nā tȯr əm n severe jaundice in a newborn child due esp. to erythroblastosis fetalis * * * a severe type of neonatal jaundice, usually a form of isoimmunization with Rh factor; it sometimes progresses to… …   Medical dictionary

  • эритробластоз новорожденных — (erythroblastosis neonatorum) см. Болезнь гемолитическая новорожденных …   Большой медицинский словарь

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