In anatomy, one of the two layers of compact bone that make up the interior and exterior walls of the cranium. They are the plates of the skull and are separated from each other by the diploe which is a soft spongy material containing bone marrow.
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1. One of the two plates or laminae, separated by the diploë, into which the cranial bones are divided. 2. An arrangement of data in parallel columns, showing the essential facts in a readily appreciable form. 3. A platform upon which items can be placed. [L. tabula]
- Aub-DuBois t. t. of basal metabolic rates in calories per square meter of body surface per hour or day for different ages.
- contingency t. a tabular cross-classification of data such that subcategories of one characteristic are indicated in rows (horizontally) and subcategories of another are indicated in columns (vertically).
- examining t. a t. on which the patient lies during a medical examination.
- external t. of calvaria [TA] the outer compact layer of the cranial bones. SYN: lamina externa calvaria [TA], lamina externa cranii, outer t. of skull.
- Gaffky t. a numerical rating for the classification of tuberculosis according to the number of tubercle bacilli in the sputum, ranging from 1 (one to four organisms in the whole preparation) to 9 (an average of 100 per field). SYN: Gaffky scale.
- inner t. of skull SYN: internal t. of calvaria.
- internal t. of calvaria [TA] the inner compact layer of the cranial bones. SYN: lamina interna calvariae [TA], inner t. of skull, lamina interna cranii.
- life t. a representation of the probable years of survivorship of a defined population of subjects; since survivorship is changed by new methods of prevention or treatment, a diachronic study is commonly used because the main interest lies in the composite structure of the current population. (In the summarizing technique used to describe the pattern of mortality and survival in a population, survivors to age x are denoted by the symbol lx and the expectation of life at age x is denoted by the symbol x.)
- occlusal t. the occlusal or grinding surfaces of the bicuspid and molar teeth.
- operating t. a t. on which the patient lies during a surgical operation.
- outer t. of skull SYN: external t. of calvaria.
- tilt t. a t. with a top capable of being rotated on its transverse axis so that a patient lying upon it can be brought into the erect position as desired; used in experimental investigation and in physical therapy.
- vitreous t. the inner t. of one of the cranial bones; it is more compact and harder than the outer t.. SYN: lamina interna ossium cranii.

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ta·ble 'tā-bəl n
1) a piece of furniture consisting of a smooth flat slab fixed on legs esp one used for examining or operating
2) either of the two layers of compact bone of the skull which are separated by cancellous diploe

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ta·ble (taґbəl) [L. tabula] 1. a flat surface or layer. 2. an arrangement of data in rows and columns.

Medical dictionary. 2011.


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