Danysz phenomenon

Da·nysz phenomenon 'dän-ish- n the exhibition of residual toxicity by a mixture of toxin and antitoxin in which the toxin has been added in several increments to an amount of antitoxin sufficient to completely neutralize it if it had been added as a single increment called also Danysz effect
Danysz Jean (1860-1928)
Polish-French pathologist. Danysz reported on the Danysz phenomenon in an 1899 article on toxins and antitoxins. He is also known for two other achievements: the isolation in 1900 of the bacterium (Salmonella typhimurium) that is the most frequent cause of human food poisoning, and the first use of radium in treating malignant diseases in 1903.

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decrease of the neutralizing influence of an antitoxin when a toxin is added to it in divided portions instead of all at once.

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