cranial nerve

cranial nerve n any of the 12 paired nerves that arise from the lower surface of the brain with one of each pair on each side and pass through openings in the skull to the periphery of the body see ABDUCENS NERVE, ACCESSORY NERVE, AUDITORY NERVE, FACIAL NERVE, GLOSSOPHARYNGEAL NERVE, HYPOGLOSSAL NERVE, OCULOMOTOR NERVE, OLFACTORY NERVE, OPTIC NERVE, TRIGEMINAL NERVE, TROCHLEAR NERVE, VAGUS NERVE

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  • cranial nerve — noun Date: 1840 any of the nerves that arise in pairs from the lower surface of the brain one on each side and pass through openings in the skull to the periphery of the body and that comprise 12 pairs in reptiles, birds, and mammals and usually… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • ninth cranial nerve — noun Date: circa 1961 glossopharyngeal nerve …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • Pneumogastric nerve — Pneumogastric Pneu mo*gas tric, a. [Pneumo + gastric.] (Anat.) Of or pertaining to the lungs and the stomach. n. The pneumogastric nerve. [1913 Webster] {Pneumogastric nerve} (Anat.), one of the tenth pair of cranial nerves which are distributed… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • abducens nerve — noun Etymology: New Latin abducent , abducens, from Latin, present participle of abducere Date: 1947 either of the sixth pair of cranial nerves that are motor nerves supplying the rectus on the outer and lateral side of each eye called also… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • accessory nerve — noun Date: circa 1842 either of a pair of motor nerves that are the 11th cranial nerves of higher vertebrates, arise from the medulla and the upper part of the spinal cord, and supply chiefly the pharynx and muscles of the upper chest, back, and… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • auditory nerve — noun Date: 1713 either of the eighth pair of cranial nerves connecting the inner ear with the brain and transmitting impulses concerned with hearing and balance see ear illustration …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • facial nerve — noun Date: circa 1818 either of the seventh pair of cranial nerves that supply motor fibers especially to the muscles of the face and jaw and sensory and parasympathetic fibers to the tongue, palate, and fauces …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • glossopharyngeal nerve — noun Date: circa 1823 either of the ninth pair of cranial nerves that are mixed nerves and supply chiefly the pharynx, posterior tongue, and parotid gland called also glossopharyngeal …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • hypoglossal nerve — noun Date: 1831 either of the 12th and final pair of cranial nerves which are motor nerves arising from the medulla oblongata and supplying muscles of the tongue in higher vertebrates called also hypoglossal …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • oculomotor nerve — noun Date: 1881 either of the pair of chiefly motor nerves that comprise the third pair of cranial nerves, arise from the midbrain, and supply four muscles of the eye …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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