cartilage of Wrisberg

cartilage of Wris·berg -'riz-.bərg, -'vris-.berk n CUNEIFORM CARTILAGE
Wris·berg 'vris-.berk Heinrich August (1739-1808)
German anatomist. A professor of anatomy, Wrisberg published a number of works containing original anatomical descriptions. In 1764 he published a work on embryonic anatomy in which he gave clear descriptions of the cuneiform cartilages of the larynx (cartilages of Wrisberg), a ganglion of the superficial cardiac plexus (Wrisberg's ganglion), the lateral meniscus of the knee, and the fibers connecting the motor and the sensory roots of the trigeminal nerve. In 1777 he produced a treatise on the anatomy of the nervous system that contained classic descriptions of the nervus intermedius of the facial nerve, and a nerve supplying the medial side of the upper arm. Each of these is sometimes called the nerve of Wrisberg.

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