brachial vein

brachial vein n one of a pair of veins accompanying the brachial artery and uniting with each other and with the basilic vein to form the axillary vein

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  • Vein, brachial — A vein that accompanies the brachial artery between the shoulder and the elbow. The route of the brachial artery is from the shoulder down to the elbow, whereas that of the brachial vein is in the reverse direction from the elbow back up to the… …   Medical dictionary

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  • axillary vein — noun a continuation of the basilic vein and brachial vein that becomes the subclavian vein • Syn: ↑vena axillaris • Hypernyms: ↑vein, ↑vena, ↑venous blood vessel * * * noun : the large vein passing through the axilla continuous with the …   Useful english dictionary

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