auditory center

auditory center n AUDITORY AREA

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • auditory center — noun the part of the brain (in a fold of the cerebral cortex of the temporal lobe on both sides of the brain) that receives impulses from the ear by way of the auditory nerve • Hypernyms: ↑center, ↑centre, ↑nerve center, ↑nerve centre * * * noun… …   Useful english dictionary

  • auditory center — region of the brain controlling hearing …   English contemporary dictionary

  • auditory aphasia — n inability to understand spoken words * * * a form of receptive aphasia in which sounds are heard but convey no meaning to the person affected, due to disease of the subcortical pathways leading to the main auditory center of the brain, or… …   Medical dictionary

  • auditory area — n a sensory area in the temporal cortex associated with the organ of hearing called also auditory center, auditory cortex …   Medical dictionary

  • auditory area — noun the cortical area that receives auditory information from the medial geniculate body • Syn: ↑auditory cortex • Hypernyms: ↑cortical area, ↑cortical region * * * noun or auditory center : a sensory …   Useful english dictionary

  • Auditory integration training — (AIT) is a procedure pioneered in France by Guy Bérard, who promoted it as a cure for clinical depression and suicidal tendencies, along with what he said were very positive results for dyslexia and autism, although there has been very little… …   Wikipedia

  • Center for Language and Speech Processing — The Johns Hopkins Center for Language and Speech Processing (CLSP) was established at Johns Hopkins University in 1992 with support from the U.S. government (NSF, DARPA, DoD). Its aim is to promote research and education in the science and… …   Wikipedia

  • Center for the assessment and remediation of reading difficulties — The Center for the Assessment and Remediation of Reading Difficulties ( CARRD ) is a university based program created in 1996 to:* develop strategies for the prevention and remediation of reading disabilities * search for strategies that will… …   Wikipedia

  • auditory word center — Wernicke area …   Medical dictionary

  • nerve center — noun 1. a center that provides information and control the nerve center of the diamond industry is in Amsterdam • Syn: ↑nerve centre • Hypernyms: ↑center, ↑centre 2. a cluster of nerve cells governing a specific bodily process in most people the… …   Useful english dictionary

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