Albers-Schonberg disease

Al·bers-Schön·berg disease 'al-bərz-'shərn-.bərg-, -'shōn- n OSTEOPETROSIS (a)
Albers-Schönberg 'äl-.bers-'shǣn-.berk Heinrich Ernst (1865-1921)
German roentgenologist. Albers-Schönberg was the first specialist in the field of roentgenology (now called radiology). He held the post of professor of roentgenology and founded an institute of roentgenology in Germany. He is credited with discovering that X-rays can cause damage to the reproductive organs. In 1903 he introduced a device consisting of a moving grid of lead strips used for producing sharper X-ray images by eliminating the oblique rays that pass through them before reaching the film. He described osteopetrosis, now also known as Albers-Schönberg disease, in a paper in a journal published in 1903-04.

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H. E. Albers-Schönberg (1865-1921), German radiologist

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