African swine fever

African swine fever n an acute highly contagious usu. fatal febrile disease that affects only swine (family Suidae), that resembles but is more severe than hog cholera, that is indigenous to Africa where wild swine (as the warthog and bushpig) act as natural reservoirs, that has spread to and caused epidemics in the western hemisphere, and that is caused by a double-stranded DNA virus (species African swine fever virus of the genus Asfivirus, family Asfarviridae) having a capsid with icosahedral symmetry called also swine fever

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a highly contagious, usually fatal disease of pigs in Africa, Southern Europe, and Brazil, transmitted by the African swine fever virus; symptoms closely resemble those of hog cholera. Transmission of the virus is by ticks of the genus Ornithodoros, by direct contact, by fomites, or by ingestion of infected meat. In Africa warthogs serve as a reservoir.

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