Spina bifida cystica

A bony defect in the vertebral column that causes a cleft in that column. The meningeal membranes that cover the spinal cord and part of the spinal cord protrude through this cleft, and are clearly visible. The opening can be surgically repaired, usually shortly after birth. Some children will also need treatment for related problems, such as hydrocephalus. Also known as meningomyelocele.

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spina bifida in which there is protrusion through the defective vertebral arch of a cystic swelling involving the meninges (meningocele), spinal cord (myelocele), or both (meningomyelocele).

(A), Spina bifida cystica with meningocele resulting from absence of the laminae of the vertebral arch; characterized by protrusion of the meninges. (B), Spina bifida cystica with myelocele resulting from absence of the vertebral arch; characterized by myeloschisis and protrusion of the defective spinal cord. (C), Spina bifida occulta; characterized by failure of fusion of the laminae of the vertebral arch.

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