ac·e·tin 'as-ət-ən n any of three liquid acetates formed when glycerol and acetic acid are heated together:
a) one C3H5(OH)2C2H3O2 containing only one acetate group that is used chiefly in the manufacture of explosives called also monoacetin
b) one C3H5(OH)(C2H3O2)2 containing two acetate groups that is used chiefly as a plasticizer and solvent called also diacetin
c) one C3H5(C2H3O2)3 containing three acetate groups that is used chiefly as a plasticizer and solvent and as a fixative in perfumes called also triacetin

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ac·e·tin (asґə-tin) a glyceryl acetate, usually containing one acetyl group but sometimes two or three; used in tanning and as a food additive and a solvent for dyes.

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