[heat]-stable enterotoxin; esotropia; scala tympani; scaphotrapezoid; sclerotherapy; sedimentation time; semantic type [UMLS]; semitendinosus; sensory threshold; septal thickness; serum transferrin; settling time; sharp transients [EEG]; shock therapy; sickle [cell] thalassemia; sincerity test; sinus tachycardia; sinus tympani; skin temperature; skin test; skin thickness; slight trace; slow twitch; soft tissue; solid tumor; spastic torticollis; speech therapist; sphincter tone; split thickness; stable toxin; standard test; starting time; stent thrombosis; sternothyroid; stimulus; store; stress test; stretcher; stria terminalis; striation; string data; sublingual tablet; subtalar; subtotal; sulcus terminalis; sulfotransferase; supportive therapy; surface tension; surgical technologist; surgical therapy; surgical tracheostomy; surgical treatment; survival time; syndrome of the trephined; systolic time

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ST .es-'tē n ST SEGMENT

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sinus tachycardia.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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