1) Having a ruddy (reddish) complexion. 2) Cheerful, hopeful, confident, and optimistic; impulsive. The word "sanguine" from the Latin "sanguineus" for "blood" has long been used in English for things relating to the blood. A person who is ruddy in complexion is sanguine. His (or her) ruddy countenance was once thought to be due to their having a predominance of one of the four humors — blood.
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1. SYN: plethoric. 2. Formerly, denoting a temperament characterized by a light, fair complexion, full pulse, good digestion, optimistic outlook, and a quick but not lasting temper. SYN: sanguineous (3). [L. sanguineus]

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san·guine 'saŋ-gwən adj
1 a) consisting of or relating to blood
b) of the complexion RUDDY
2) having blood as the predominating bodily humor also having the bodily conformation and temperament held characteristic of such predominance and marked by sturdiness, high color, and cheerfulness

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