A surgical technique whereby a doctor inserts a tube-like instrument into a joint to inspect, diagnose and repair tissues. It is most commonly performed in patients with diseases of the knees or shoulders. The adjective “arthroscopic” is often confused with “orthoscopic” Orthoscopic means having correct vision or producing it; and free from optical distortion or designed to correct distorted vision. This fits with the prefix “ortho-“, meaning straight or erect, and “-scopic” from the Greek “skopein”, to see. Orthoscopic literally is to see straight. Knee surgery performed with a small scope is arthroscopic
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Endoscopic examination of the interior of a joint. SYN: arthroendoscopy. [arthro- + G. skopeo, to view]

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ar·thros·co·py är-'thräs-kə-pē n, pl -pies examination of a joint with an arthroscope also joint surgery using an arthroscope
ar·thro·scop·ic .är-thrə-'skäp-ik adj

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inspection of a joint cavity with an arthroscope, enabling percutaneous surgery (such as meniscectomy) and biopsy to be performed.

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ar·thros·copy (ahr-throsґkə-pe) examination of the interior of a joint with an arthroscope.

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