A type of inflammation of the prostate not due to bacterial infection and in which there are no objective findings, such as the presence of infection-fighting cells, in the urine of men who suffer from the disease. The prostate is a walnut-sized organ below the male bladder that surrounds the urethra and contributes fluid to the semen. Prostatodynia is typically a chronic, painful disease. The symptoms (including chills, fever, pain in the lower back and genital area, body aches, burning or painful urination, and the frequent and urgent need to urinate) characteristically go away and then come back without warning. The urine and fluid from the prostate reveal no evidence of a known infecting organism or of cells that the body usually produces to fight infection. Treatment is ineffective. Therapy with antibiotics and with drugs that relax the muscles of the prostate gland is often attempted and fails.
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A rarely used term for prostatalgia. [prostato- + G. odyne, pain]

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pros·ta·to·dyn·ia (pros″tə-to-dinґe-ə) [prostate + -odynia] pain in the prostate; some authorities limit usage to pain of unknown origin, such as that seen in nonbacterial prostatitis. Called also prostatalgia.

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