Less than the normal level of carbon dioxide in the blood. The opposite of hypercapnia. The origin of the word “acapnia” is curious. It comes from the Greek “a-“ meaning “without” + “kapnos” meaning “smoke” so acapnia literally means “smokeless” referring to carbon dioxide which is a principal part of smoke.
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Absence of carbon dioxide in the blood; sometimes used erroneously for hypocapnia. [G. a- priv. + kapnos, smoke]

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acap·nia ə-'kap-nē-ə, (')ā-' n a condition of carbon dioxide deficiency in blood and tissues
acap·ni·al -əl adj

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a condition in which there is an abnormally low concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood. This may be caused by breathing that is exceptionally deep in relation to the physical activity of the individual.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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