metal-to-ligand charge transfer

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  • Charge-transfer complex — A charge transfer complex (CT complex) or electron donor acceptor complex is an association of two or more molecules, or of different parts of one very large molecule, in which a fraction of electronic charge is transferred between the molecular… …   Wikipedia

  • Charge transfer complex — A charge transfer complex (or CT complex, electron donor acceptor complex) is a chemical association of two or more molecules, or of different parts of one very large molecule, in which the attraction between the molecules (or parts) is created… …   Wikipedia

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  • Polypyridine complex — Polypyridine complexes are compounds in which a polypyridine, such as 2,2 bipyridine, 1,10 phenanthroline, or 2,2 ;6 2 terpyridine, coordinates to a metal ion.Polypyridine compounds are multidentate ligands which have characteristic properties,… …   Wikipedia

  • Solvatochromism — is the ability of a chemical substance to change color due to a change in solvent polarity. Negative solvatochromism corresponds to hypsochromic shift, positive solvatochromism corresponds to bathochromic shift with increasing solvent polarity.… …   Wikipedia

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  • Complex (chemistry) — The term complex in chemistry is usually used to describe molecules or ensembles formed by the combination of ligands and metal ions. Originally, a complex implied a reversible association of molecules, atoms, or ions through weak chemical bonds …   Wikipedia

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