Air between the heart and the pericardium, the membrane wrapped around the heart.
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Presence of gas (usually air) in the pericardial sac. [G. pneuma, air, + pericardium]
- tension p. the presence of air under pressure in the pericardial space, with the potential for cardiac tamponade.

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pneu·mo·peri·car·di·um .n(y)ü-mō-.per-ə-'kärd-ē-əm n, pl -dia -ē-ə an abnormal state characterized by the presence of gas (as air) in the pericardium

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the presence of air within the membranous sac surrounding the heart. See hydropneumopericardium.

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pneu·mo·peri·car·di·um (noo″mo-per″ĭ-kahrґde-əm) [pneumo- + pericardium] the presence of air or gas in the cavity of the pericardium.

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