: The thin covering that protects and cushions the lungs. The pleura is made up of two layers of tissue that are separated by a small amount of fluid.
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The serous membrane enveloping the lungs and lining the walls of the pleural cavity. SYN: membrana succingens. [G. p., a rib, pl. the side]
- cervical p. [TA] the dome-shaped roof of the pleural cavity extending up through the superior aperture of the thorax. SYN: cupula pleurae [TA], dome of p., pleural cupula.
- costal p. SYN: costal part of parietal p..
- p. costalis SYN: costal part of parietal p..
- diaphragmatic p. SYN: diaphragmatic part of parietal p..
- p. diaphragmatica SYN: diaphragmatic part of parietal p..
- mediastinal p. SYN: mediastinal part of parietal p..
- p. mediastinalis SYN: mediastinal part of parietal p..
- parietal p. [TA] that which lines the different parts of the wall of the pleural cavity; called costal, diaphragmatic, and mediastinal, according to the parts invested. SYN: p. parietalis [TA].
- p. parietalis [TA] SYN: parietal p..
- p. pericardiaca, pericardial p. that portion of the mediastinal p. that is fused with the pericardium.
- phrenic p. SYN: diaphragmatic part of parietal p..
- p. phrenica SYN: diaphragmatic part of parietal p..
- p. pulmonalis visceral p..
- visceral p. [TA] the layer investing the lungs and dipping into the fissures between the several lobes. SYN: p. visceralis [TA], p. pulmonalis, pulmonary p..
- p. visceralis [TA] SYN: visceral p..

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pleu·ra 'plu̇r-ə n, pl pleu·rae 'plu̇r-ē or pleuras either of a pair of two-walled sacs of serous membrane each of which lines one lateral half of the thorax, has an inner visceral layer closely adherent to the corresponding lung, is reflected at the root of the lung to form a parietal layer that adheres to the walls of the thorax, the pericardium, the upper surface of the diaphragm, and adjacent parts, and contains a small amount of serous fluid that minimizes the friction of respiratory movements

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the covering of the lungs (visceral pleura) and of the inner surface of the chest wall (parietal pleura). The covering consists of a closed sac of serous membrane, which has a smooth shiny moist surface due to the secretion of small amounts of fluid. This fluid lubricates the opposing visceral and parietal surfaces so that they can slide painlessly over each other during breathing.
pleural adj.

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pleu·ra (ploorґə) gen. and pl. pleuґrae [Gr. “rib, side”] [TA] the serous membrane investing the lungs and lining the thoracic cavity, completely enclosing a potential space known as the pleural cavity. There are two pleurae, right and left, entirely distinct from each other, and they are moistened with a serous secretion that facilitates movements of the lungs in the chest. pleural adj

Pleura; for purpose of illustration, the pleural cavity is shown as an actual space.

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