Long spider-like fingers and toes, a frequent finding in Marfan syndrome, a heritable disorder of connective tissue. "Arachnodactyly" is derived from the Greek "arachne" (spider) and "daktylos" (finger). The Greek word was derived from the name "Arachne," a maiden in Greek mythology whom the goddess Athena turned into a spider after the girl, a skilled weaver, challenged Athena to a weaving contest.
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A condition in which the hands and fingers, and often the feet and toes, are abnormally long and slender; a characteristic of Marfan syndrome [MIM*154700], Achard syndrome [MIM*100700], the MASS syndrome [MIM*157700], and kindred hereditary disorders of connective tissue. SYN: spider finger. [G. arachne, spider, + daktylos, finger]

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arach·no·dac·ty·ly ə-.rak-nō-'dak-tə-lē n, pl -lies a hereditary condition characterized esp. by excessive length of the fingers and toes see CONGENITAL CONTRACTURAL ARACHNODACTYLY

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abnormally long and slender fingers: usually associated with excessive height and congenital defects of the heart and eyes in Marfan's syndrome.

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arach·no·dac·ty·ly (ə-rak″no-dakґtə-le) [arachno- + Gr. daktylos finger] a condition characterized by abnormal length and slenderness of the fingers and toes; called also acromacria, dolichostenomelia, and spider finger. Sometimes used in the past as a synonym for Marfan syndrome.

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