Haber syndrome; habitual snoring; half-scan; half strength [JCAHO unapproved abbreviation]; Hallopeau- Siemens [syndrome]; hamstring; hand surgery; harmonic scalpel; Hartmann solution; head sling; health services; health statistics; healthy subject; heart sounds; heat-stable; heavy smoker; Hegglin syndrome; heme synthetase; hemorrhagic septicemia; hemorrhagic shock; Henoch-Schonlein [purpura]; heparan sulfate; hereditary spherocytosis; herpes simplex; hidradenitis suppurativa; hippocampal system; home surgeon; homologous serum; horizontally selective; Horner syndrome; horse serum; hospital ship; hospital staff; hospital stay; hours of sleep; house surgeon; human serum; Hurler syndrome; hybrid sign; hypereosinophilic syndrome; hypersensitive site; hypersensitivity; hypertonic saline; hypothalamic syndrome

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HS abbr house surgeon

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house surgeon.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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