Instrument for looking in the ear. Today, otoscopic or ophthalmoscopic heads can usually be attached to the base (which supplies the electrical power) to look at the ears or eyes.
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An instrument for examining the eardrum. [oto- + G. skopeo, to view]
- Siegle o. an otosclerosis with a bulb attachment by which the air pressure can be varied, thus imparting movement to the tympanic membrane, if intact, while under inspection.

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oto·scope 'ōt-ə-.skōp n an instrument fitted with lighting and magnifying lens systems and used to facilitate visual examination of the auditory canal and eardrum
oto·scop·ic .ōt-ə-'skäp-ik adj

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oto·scope (oґto-skōp″) [oto- + -scope] an instrument for inspecting or auscultating the ear; called also auriscope.

Otoscope with specula of various sizes and pneumatic attachment.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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