AP (anteroposterior)

AP (anteroposterior)
In anatomy, AP stands for anteroposterior: from front-to-back. For example, an AP X-ray of the chest is taken from front-to-back. AP in this respect is the opposite of PA, which stands for posteroanterior: from back-to-front.

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  • Anteroposterior (AP) — In anatomy, AP stands for anteroposterior: from front to back. For example, an AP X ray of the chest is taken from front to back. AP in this respect is the opposite of PA, which stands for posteroanterior: from back to front …   Medical dictionary

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  • anteroposterior diameter of pelvis — one of the pelvic diameters from the region of the coccyx to the midline of the pubic symphysis; see conjugata recta pelvis and conjugata vera pelvis …   Medical dictionary

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