To wink. Nictitating spasm is spasm of the eyelid with continuous winking. "Nictitate" and the older verb "nictate" both come from the Latin word for winking, "nictare."
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To wink. [see nictitation]

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nic·ti·tate 'nik-tə-.tāt vi, -tat·ed; -tat·ing WINK

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  • Nictitate — Nic ti*tate, v. i. [See {Nictate}.] To wink; to nictate. [1913 Webster] {Nictitating membrane} (Anat.), a thin membrane, found in many animals at the inner angle, or beneath the lower lid, of the eye, and capable of being drawn across the… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • nictitate — (v.) to wink, 1822, from M.L. nictitatus, pp. of nictitare, frequentative of L. nictare wink, blink, related to NICERE (Cf. nicere) to beckon, from PIE root *kneigwh to lean on, to bend (the eyelids together). Related: Nictitated; nictitating… …   Etymology dictionary

  • nictitate — [nik′tə tāt΄] vi. nictitated, nictitating [< ML nictitatus, pp. of nictitare, freq. < L nictare, to wink: see connive] to wink or blink rapidly, as birds and other animals with a nictitating membrane do nictitation n …   English World dictionary

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