A device for administering a medication by spraying a fine mist into the nose. Also known as an atomizer.
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A device used to reduce liquid medication to extremely fine cloudlike particles; useful in delivering medication to deeper parts of the respiratory tract. SEE ALSO: atomizer, vaporizer.
- jet n. an atomizer that uses an air or gas stream to change a liquid into small particles.
- spinning disk n. a n. in which water is changed into small particles as it is thrown by centrifugal force from a spinning disk.
- ultrasonic n. a humidifier using high-frequency electricity to power a transducer that vibrates 1,350,000 times per second and changes water up into particles 0.5–3 μm in size in its nebulizing chamber; used in inhalation therapy.

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neb·u·liz·er or Brit neb·u·lis·er -.lī-zər n ATOMIZER specif an atomizer equipped to produce an extremely fine spray for deep penetration of the lungs

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an instrument used for applying a liquid in the form of a fine spray.

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neb·u·liz·er (nebґu-li″zər) a device for creating and throwing an aerosol spray. Called also atomizer.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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