1. Abbreviation for meningomyelocele. (In lower case letters, mm stands for millimeters) 2. Abbreviation for millimeters. For example, mm Hg means millimeters of mercury, the height of a column of mercury, as in a blood pressure reading. (In upper-case letters, MM stands for meningomyelocele).
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Abbreviation for millimeter.
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macromolecule; Maelzels metronome; major medical [insurance]; malignant melanoma; manubrium of malleus; Marshall-Marchetti [procedure]; Master of Management; mathematical morphology; medial malleolus; mediastinal mass; medical management; megamitochondria; melanoma metastasis; meningococcal meningitis; menstrually related migraine; metastatic melanoma; methadone maintenance; minimal medium; mismatched; molecular mechanics; morbidity and mortality; mucous membrane; multiple model; multiple myeloma; muscularis mucosae; myeloid metaplasia; myelomeningocele

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mm abbr millimeter

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mucous membrane.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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