Abbreviation for benzyloxycarbonyl (carbobenzoxy-); symbol for an amino acid that is either glutamic acid, glutamine, or a substance that yields glutamic acid on acid hydrolysis of peptides ( e.g., 4-carboxyglutamate or 5-oxoproline); carbobenzoxy; in italics, zusammen.
Abbreviation for atomic number.
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acoustic impedance; atomic number; complex impedance; contraction [Ger. Zuckung]; the disk that separates sarcomeres [Ger. Zwischenscheibe]; glutamine; impedance; ionic charge number; no effect; point formed by a line perpendicular to the nasion-menton line through the anterior nasal spine; proton number; section modulus; standardized deviate; standard normal score [statistics]; standard score; zero; zone; a Z-shaped incision in plastic surgery

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1) atomic number
2) impedance

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atomic number; impedance.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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