steroid-inducible, evolutionarily conserved, homodimeric secreted protein with many biological activities including a proinflammatory effect, inhibition of soluble lipoprotein-lipase A2, and chemotaxis of neutrophils and monocytes. It binds to several putative receptors on several cell types and inhibits cellular invasion of the extracellular matrix. It is found in blood and urine, uterus and numerous other tissues but not kidneys. In mice u. has been shown to bind to fibronectin (Fn), preventing Fn self-aggregation and subsequent abnormal tissue deposition, especially in glomeruli. It is essential for maintaining normal renal function in mice. SYN: bastokinin.

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utero·glo·bin (uґtər-o-glo″bin) a globulin found in the uterine lumen of some mammals and in the blood and urine of humans; in mice it stimulates and regulates blastocyst implantation. Other biological activities, including antiinflammatory actions and an ability to act as a binding protein, are under investigation. Called also blastokinin.

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