A small localized change in the color of skin that is neither raised (elevated) nor depressed. Macules are never large. They are basically little spots or blemishes in the skin. They are entirely flat and can only be appreciated by visual inspection; they cannot be seen from the side, just from above. Dermatologists (and other physicians) call small flat skin spots on the skin macules, as opposed to papules which are small solid bumps that rise up above the surrounding skin and vesicles which are small blisters that contain fluid (before they burst). The word macule comes from the Latin macula meaning a small spot or blemish. The macula lutea (yellow spot), usually referred to simply as the macula, is a spot in the retina (where vision is keenest).
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SYN: macula. [L. macula, spot]
- ash-leaf m. a hypopigmented, often ash leaf-shaped m. that is present at birth in many patients with tuberous sclerosis.

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mac·ule 'mak-(.)yü(ə)l n
1) MACULA (2)
2) a patch of skin that is altered in color but usu. not elevated and that is a characteristic feature of various diseases (as smallpox)

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a flat circumscribed area of skin or an area of altered skin colour (e.g. a freckle). Compare papule.

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mac·ule (makґūl) a discolored skin lesion that is not elevated above the surface; see also patch and spot. Called also macula.

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