1. Hooklike or hook-shaped. 2. Relating to an uncus or, specifically, to the u. gyrus (2) or a process of the pancreas or of a vertebra. SYN: unciform. [L. uncinatus]

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un·ci·nate 'ən(t)-sə-.nāt adj
1) bent at the tip like a hook
2 a) of, relating to, affecting, or involving the uncus <the \uncinate area of the parahippocampal gyrus>
b) relating to, characterized by, or being an uncinate fit <\uncinate epilepsy> <an \uncinate seizure>

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un·ci·nate (unґsĭ-nāt) 1. shaped like a hook (uncus). Cf. hamate. Called also unciform and uncinal. 2. pertaining to or affecting the uncinate gyrus.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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