Persistent contraction of the masseter muscles due to failure of central inhibition; often the initial manifestation of generalized tetanus. SYN: Ankylostoma (2), lock-jaw, lockjaw. [L. fr. G. trismos, a creaking, rasping]
- t. capistratus congenital adhesion of the cheeks to the gums.
- t. nascentium stiffness of the jaw muscles in neonates, usually as the beginning of tetanus neonatorum. SYN: t. neonatorum.
- t. neonatorum SYN: t. nascentium.
- t. sardonicus SYN: risus caninus.

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tris·mus 'triz-məs n spasm of the muscles of mastication resulting from any of various abnormal conditions or diseases (as tetanus)

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spasm of the jaw muscles, keeping the jaws tightly closed. This is the characteristic symptom of tetanus but it also occurs less dramatically as a sensitivity reaction to certain drugs and in disorders of the basal ganglia.

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tris·mus (trizґməs) [Gr. trismos grating, grinding] motor disturbance of the trigeminal nerve, especially spasm of the masticatory muscles, with difficulty in opening the mouth; a characteristic early symptom of tetanus. Called also lockjaw.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

, , (of the jaw)

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