1. The monovalent radical –SH when attached to carbon; a hydrosulfide; a mercaptan. 2. A mixture of sulfurated and sulfonated petroleum oils purified with ammonia; used in the treatment of skin diseases.

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thi·ol 'thī-.ȯl, -.ōl n
1) any of a class of compounds that are analogous to alcohols and phenols but contain sulfur in place of oxygen with the general formula RSH and in the case of those of low molecular weight have very disagreeable odors called also mercaptan
2) the functional group -SH characteristic of thiols
thi·o·lic thī-'ō-lik adj

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thi·ol (thiґol) 1. sulfhydryl. 2. any organic compound containing the SH group; the analogue of an alcohol, which contains the OH group.

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