Abbreviation for T cytotoxic cells, under cell.
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talocalcaneal; tandem colonoscopy; target cell; taurocholate; temperature compensation; teratocarcinoma; terminal cancer; tertiary cleavage; testicular cancer; tetanic contraction; tetracycline; theca cell; therapeutic community; thermal conductivity; thermocouple; thoracic cage; thoracic compression; thorax circumference; throat culture; thyrocalcitonin; time constant; tissue culture; to contain; total calcium; total capacity; total cholesterol; total colonoscopy; total correction; toxic concentration; transcobalamin; transcriptase complex; transcutaneous; transhepatic cholangiography; transmission control; transplant center; transverse colon; Treacher Collins [syndrome]; true channel; true conjugate; tubal catheterization; tuberculin contagiosum; tubocurarine; tumor cell; tumor of cerebrum; type and crossmatch

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Tc symbol technetium

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Medical dictionary. 2011.

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