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alkaline tuberculin; arterial tension; axillary temperature; tactile afferent; Takayasu arteritis; technology assessment; teichoic acid; temporal abstraction; temporal arteritis; terminal antrum; therapeutic abortion; thermophilic Actinomyces; thymidine analogue; thymocytotoxic autoantibody; thyroarytenoid; thyroglobulin autoprecipitation; thyroid antibody; thyroid autoimmunity; tibialis anterior [muscle]; tissue adhesive; titratable acid; total alkaloids; total antibody; toxic adenoma; toxin-antitoxin; traffic accident; transactional analysis; transaldolase; transaminase; transantral; transplantation antigen; transposition of aorta; trapped air; triamcinolone acetonide; tricuspid atresia; trophoblast antigen; true anomaly; truncus arteriosus; tryptamine; tryptose agar; tube agglutination; tumor-associated; typical absences

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TA abbr transactional analysis

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Terminologia Anatomica; toxin-antitoxin.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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